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Lead dust Wipe Testing In Anne Arundel County

MDE Lead Paint Testing Requirements

 The state mandated Lead Paint Program is operated by the Maryland Department of the Environment. This law established that any property built prior to 1978 that is used as a rental property must meet inspection standards and have a Lead Paint Certificate. There are various types types of Lead Paint Certificates that can be acquired to satisfy the MDE requirements. Breeze Home Inspections is certified to perform dust wipe sampling For the issuance of a Full Risk Reduction Certificate. This type of certificate is issued at tenant turnover. It does not matter if you have a tenant that has vacated the property after a few months. Before your new tenant moves in a new certificate must be issued.

Full Risk Reduction Certification

 A Full Risk Reduction Inspection consists of inspecting the interior and exterior visually for any peeling, chipping or flaking paint. Once it's determined that all painted surfaces are in good condition, (interior and exterior) dust wipe samples are taken. Sampling for lead paint will not take place if the property fails the visual inspection for defective paint. Corrective action must be taken and the property must have a successful visual inspection. Dust wipe sampling is generally conducted in a vacant unit prior to occupancy by a new tenant.  This inspection must be done before a new tenant moves in. The home inspector must collect dust samples from each room in the unit. 1-2 samples per room, dependant on if the home has replacement windows. If original wood windows are present, then 2 samples are taken from that room. If a room, such as a bathroom, has no windows, then a sample will be taken from the floor. Each dust sample must be analyzed by a qualified laboratory, and the results must fall below specified levels. In general, testing for lead contaminated dust is most likely to be successful in a clean, well maintained property. Flaking or chalking lead paint on windows, in particular, may be an important source of lead dust in a unit.  

Preparing For Your Lead Inspection

 There must not be any defective paint visible at the time of the inspection

 Make sure that no painted surfaces are chipping or flaking. Painted surfaces should all be intact. This includes sheds, detached garages ETC.

 Remove all construction-related debris from the site.

•  Ensure that the area 24”- 48” surrounding the foundation is clear of paint chips.

  Thoroughly vacuum the interior of each assisted rental unit, ideally with a HEPA (see below) vacuum.

  After vacuuming, clean all surfaces in the unit with standard household detergent, e.g., Palmolive or Simple Green. Change the wash water frequently to reduce the chance of cross-contamination.

  Pay special attention to window sills, door casings, and flooring.

  After wet cleaning, vacuum the entire area again using a HEPA or high quality vacuum cleaner.

  Visually inspect the unit and the soil outside the unit to ensure that all areas are free of debris and dust.

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Visual Inspection    $ 85 .00

Dust Wipe samples $ 12. 00 per sample

Return Trip Fee       $ 50.00

Results are available in 5 business days. Weekends and holidays will delay results. Expedited testing available to meet your schedule. 


*If a room fails, do you retest the whole house ?

 No, Only that area that failed gets retested.

*Do you charge to inspect a failed visual ?

Yes. A fee 0f $50.00 applies on return trips .